Creating a patient journey map for Hemophilia in the context of Shire medication, which can be used as a blueprint for further patient journeys later.

Background: Shire is an international pharmaceutical company producing medication mainly for rare diseases. Patient journeys are often unknown as most stakeholders do not know enough about these particular diseases. Patient journey maps should help to understand the disease and patient better and to inform stakeholder about all aspects of the disease.

Process: Together with 2 researchers, I created the journey concept and I produced the design including icons.

Research and Synthesis Phase

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Cultural Probes

Focus Groups

Extreme User Testing

Shire had lots of data about Hemophilia Patient journeys, but not in an easily accessible form. Together with the two researchers, we read through all existing material and the researchers made additional phone interviews with patients to understand every aspect of the patient journey.
Group 2

Ideation and Implementation Phase

Group 6



UI Design


The journey documentation

The full documentation can be sent as PDF or printout to Shire partners worldwide.

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