Redesigning all elements and pages of an existing web-service, while improving the user experience counted by returning customers and conversion rate.

While young children are a huge source of joy it takes a lot of organization and communication to have always someone responsible close to them and to communicate with these caregivers.

Research Phase

Group 1


Cultural Probes

Focus Groups

Extreme User Testing

Starting with the research I talked to kindergarten teachers, the parents, and kind of to the children about their needs to improve communication and planning and documentation of development milestones.

The social world of a child

It turned out that social connections of a child are much more complex than originally thought they would.

While Adults are connected rather directly to others, children are most of the time connected to other children for example via an adult. What makes the overall handling of connections more complex.


Synthesis Phase

Group 2
wy scribble

It showed quickly that the communication in the kindergarten is run on short messages. Often these messages are addressed to the child, even though the message basically should communicate to the parent.

Ideation and Implementation Phase

Group 6



UI Design


A Wisyou Story element

The idea I created was to build the interface around message elements we called „Story Elements”. A collection of Story Elements would build a Wisyou Story.

The Story elements are like a sentence based on three blocks forming a sentence. The first a representing the child or the children, the second the action that was taken, appeared or need to appear and finally the object or further description of the action.

wy quote

Together with colors for these blocks, we can build a very easily recognizable design element that is information, interface and brand element in one.

The App

Developed for IOS and Android with React Native. To make development easier the interface is identical on IOS and Android, trying to avoid native design patterns of the platforms. However, the more or less typical material design floating button is used.

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