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Scope: Creating an industry first social community-based car configurator for Audi, to let communities like families and friends configure the next Audi a family wants to buy together. Awarded the reddot award.

Background: More than 90% of users are visiting car manufacturer websites for one reason: seeing how expensive a certain car with specific extras would be.
Often though not one person is deciding just alone which car to buy it is a decision made by several people. This could be family members or colleagues helping to select a company car.
The Audi Car Chat makes this easily possible.

Process: Together with the agency that is developing the current car configurator for Audi, I designed this social configurator, being involved in all client meetings influencing the concept heavily.
The design is based on the existing digital style guides from Audi. 

Research and Synthesis Phase

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Cultural Probes

Focus Groups

User Interviews

Gamification for Research

Starting point

First, we defined the need for social interactions while configuring a car to get buy-in from managers at Audi.

We created several information graphics presenting how people are communicating about buying a new car.


Research is a Card Game

To learn more about how people could configure a car together, we created a table card game to configure vehicles. We explained the rules of „the game: to the participants and then watched what kind of ruleset would produce the best results.

It showed that it is the easiest and most understood rule set was when one user basically owns the car setup and the others can suggest changes. We then used this idea for creating the service.
audi research

Ideation Phase

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Technical Evaluation

User flows

User Scenarios

One pager are always good to hang on the wall, have in PowerPoint as slides and during a presentation to give an overview and to give the confidence to have an overview.
Here it showed already that the integration into the car configurator as it is used now will be difficult. Unfortunately, this project was not directly included in the Audi Configurator itself. 
It would be definitely ideal to have all these functionalities in the normal configurator.
audi wire 1
audi wire 2
I am not a huge fan of wireframes when they are not hand-drawn on a whiteboard. I rather like to quickly jump to something I would call design mock-ups. They show functionalities like wireframes but even give already as an idea about how the design could appear. It makes it easier to make already decisions on a design before there has been spent to much time on a design that might have been wrong from the beginning.
1st 1
1st 2
1st 3
1st 4
1st 5

Implementation Phase

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UI Design

Icon Design



Design Systems

User testing

Finished design

Leveraging the Audi digital style guide and introducing new elements, the Audi Car Chat fits perfectly into the Audi site.
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The homepage

Last but not least here the homepage design.
The category icons are used to let users select one of the six most often used products or later on the site as placeholders for products which have no image and of course to identify the category.
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